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29th-Aug-2017 05:57 pm - (001) text | un: n. romanoff
glaza: (pic#11687289)
Since there are multiple bars here, does anyone know which one is hiring? Any pros or cons for specific places would be welcomed, too.

[ And after the recent quake, she figures another bartender in the city couldn't hurt. ]
25th-Aug-2017 01:47 pm - 001. Text. un: driver
killertrack: (Default)
Bored? Stressed? Are you thinking of better places to be? Of potential shenanigans? Imagine it's happening. Imagine all you have to do is find out where, and when, you can let your hair down. Maybe there are clues, here and there, about what to expect. Think about it. If you're struggling, I promise I'll help you out. Go on, go on. Clock is ticking.
21st-Aug-2017 10:20 pm - text. un: allen.
speedforcer: likesthevillain (.070)
okay three things

1) if you're from a world where central city, star city, national city, metropolis, or gotham exist
wednesday 6pm at criminales
we're ALL meeting up
that includes you bruce
BOTH of you

2) i need a dogsitter before the captain kills me and hides my body
saying my dog ate my labwork doesn't work
even when it's true

3) i also need a food technologist
it's kind of a long shot but anyone with experience making densely calorific foods?
i could use a hand with something
7th-Aug-2017 12:16 am - tags.
cuddlemods: (Default)

the generic "this is where tags are enabled" post. pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
4th-Aug-2017 05:08 pm - video 001 (open)
kelvins: (788584_100)

un: burninate

[fade into a middle aged bald man, sporting a very serious face as he pours himself a healthy double of whiskey over ice. behind him is a healthy assortment of bottles of all shapes and sizes, various shades ranging from clear to amber to dark almost black.

he takes a deliberate swill before clearing his throat. this little display? mick rory coming to you live from criminales.]

Name's Mick. I figure since the city was nice enough to let me have this bar, the least I could do was let all of you have something nice too.

So for the next month, we've got half price drinks at CriminALES. Don't get used to it though.

Oh and if you're looking for a job, I could use a hand. Benefits include a paycheck. You still have to pay for your drinks and no you can't have 'em on the clock.
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