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23rd-Oct-2017 10:51 am - 001 video; un: odinson
mothersdrapes: (eyebrow (ultron))
[ The prince of Asgard is looking troubled. There is a deep furrow of his brow as he frowns, and does not speak for a long moment. He lifts his hand in a helpless wave, the frown only increasing before he looks at the camera. ]

Why must the cat have a cheeseburger?
18th-Oct-2017 01:18 am - text, un: eugene
pureed: (pic#11469966)
What do you do when you have bad dreams? Is there anything that helps you not have them or to get them out of your head when you do?
17th-Oct-2017 03:01 pm - text, un: yourfriend
ferdi: (pic#10912331)
Modern dancing and music is still quite different from what I'm used to.

Is there anyone that is proficient enough to teach me?

[ He likes the party and club scenes even if they are much different from his own time but he knows he sticks out like a sore thumb when he's there! ]
14th-Oct-2017 08:52 pm - 1. TEXT ➳ UN: ALIGHT
risers: (pic#11754989)
[ it comes in the middle of the night: ]

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

[ though he could easily write a post to engage with the network at large, doing that is too simple. alec isn't too interested in placing more of his personal information online for anyone to find — privacy is key, and being in the shadows is literally what he does best. ]

[ in other words: alec's bored but doesn't want to be clary levels of social. ]
12th-Oct-2017 03:26 am - text, un: trenton
inshallah: (pic#10799420)
I haven't been doing very well at being social since I came here. It's admittedly no one's fault but my own. I've always been the quiet sort, studious and the like. I focused very much on school before ...

Well, I was part of a hacker group that caused a lot of trouble. But even then, it was a different sort of situation to be in.

I guess, I'm going the long way to ask a very simple thing.

Would anyone want to go to coffee or something? I would like to get to know more people better.
11th-Oct-2017 04:07 pm - text. anonymous
puppypower: (.074)
I know there are a lot of people here who aren't completely human. I'm just wondering if there's anyone who isn't human now who used to be? Like, people who have changed in to something else since they were born?

It's kind of a thing where I'm from, but it's pretty secret. Most people don't know about it back home unless they've been changed or someone close to them has been.

It made me curious about what kind of help those types of people get. If non-humans aren't known about in your worlds, how do they learn what they're capable of? How to they learn to control it if they're dangerous?
10th-Oct-2017 09:31 pm - video | un: hawk
wingedpriestess: (Default)
Hey Cadelle.

[ Look who got all fancy and is doing this video from the teaching kitchen of the Chop Shop... Makeshift tri-pod and all. ]

I figured there was no time like the present to introduce myself. I'm Kendra Saunders and I'm currently working at The Chop Shop as a Culinary Instructor. I can teach anything from boiling water to making a seven course meal to woo that special person in your life. I'm offering group and private lessons... And I'm even offering a volunteering special.

The Samhain Ball is coming up, as we've been told. I was hoping to help cook some of the food offered there. And I might need help from some people. So think of this as a complimentary crash course in the world of appetizers and finger foods.
novacaine: (- ALL MY LOVE)
alright okay hey cadelle
guess this is as good a time as any to make an actual ""fresh start"" in this place or something like that
who wants to learn how to play guitar?
i literally have no real qualifications
i have no idea if i'd be a good teacher
but i'm pretty good and i'm self-taught so fuck it it's worth a shot
idk how this shit works really so all i ask is a little bit of $$$ in exchange for my goods n services etc. or just buy me a drink somewhere after and we'll be even
thx dudes (and dudettes)

p.s. not to like, continue abusing this thing as a cheapass version of a classifieds section but
is there anyone here who's good at dyeing hair?
my blue's looking a little weak and with the fancy schmancy shindig coming up i wanna look
or maybe just decent
5th-Oct-2017 05:12 pm - 002. Text. un: driver
killertrack: (Baby3-49)
Hello again, Cadelle. I just wanted to advertise the fact that Mahogany now has lounge nights - Wednesdays and Thursdays, complete with dim lights, old fashioneds, and music courtesy of yours truly. If you want to come see me perform, please do come along, I'd love your support.
4th-Oct-2017 01:13 pm - video | un: vaquero
quinientos: (column of neck)
[It's very sad how proud he is that he's figured out his little phone, but that's just one part of modern society that he's got down pat. The other is one that's long overdue, because his shirt is still blood-stained, starting to tear at the seams, and no matter how he tries to save it, it's no use.]

Hello anyone who's listening. I have a little problem that could use solving and I have just enough money to make it worth someone's while. Maybe you can see, but I don't exactly have very nice clothes for these days, hoping that someone could take pity and show me what it is people wear.

[Normal people, not the kind who he's seen around.]

There's some cash in it for you. Maybe a good drink? Whatever you find best, but it only happens after you help me.
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