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video 001 (open)

un: burninate

[fade into a middle aged bald man, sporting a very serious face as he pours himself a healthy double of whiskey over ice. behind him is a healthy assortment of bottles of all shapes and sizes, various shades ranging from clear to amber to dark almost black.

he takes a deliberate swill before clearing his throat. this little display? mick rory coming to you live from criminales.]

Name's Mick. I figure since the city was nice enough to let me have this bar, the least I could do was let all of you have something nice too.

So for the next month, we've got half price drinks at CriminALES. Don't get used to it though.

Oh and if you're looking for a job, I could use a hand. Benefits include a paycheck. You still have to pay for your drinks and no you can't have 'em on the clock.
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video reply.
un: kara

( fade in on one kara danvers, looking particularly unimpressed with his display from the quiet of the cadelle library. she'd come to this place to browse the online listings, maybe find something a little better suited to her skill sets than a bartending position, and had instead been greeted by this well (or poorly) timed message. )

The Worm Hole has root beer on draft, you know.

( does she want her job back? maybe. will she admit it? no. )
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I'm just saying! You might not want to alienate potential customers, right?

( after all, this time there's practically a small contingent of supers — between herself and barry, the multiple versions of clark, and the various "can-do" citizens she'd seen at the underground fight club, kara knows there's bound to be plenty of people who are immune to mick's offerings. )

If you know what I mean.
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Gross. Nobody wants to drink those.

( she's thinking of the bottles under the bar at the gallery, those thick, practically neon-colored sugary mixes that got blended with cheap tequila and served up as a lazy margarita to anyone too sloshed to care about the quality offered... which happened to be the majority of the patrons once the hour got late enough. kara might have a sweet tooth, but even she has standards. )

It'd be nice to have something that tastes good available. Like a nice root beer, or club soda — ( how many had she ordered when she'd come in before her shift? ) — or something else.

Though I guess if I get a job I won't have much free time to come drink you out of club soda...

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video reply.
un: hale

[ fade in on Derek looking caught somewhere between interested and completely unimpressed. He's not all that impressed with the tough guy gives no fucks sort of display that's happening here, but if he wants to keep living the way he's used to living, he's going to need some extra income beyond the stipend. How this guy got himself a whole bar to run so quickly is interesting. That's the part that catches Derek's attention more than anything else. ]

Do you have to have experience tending bar to apply or is on the job training an option?
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[ Derek gives a facial shrug. He's not much of a drinker, seeing as how the only time he can actually feel the alcohol in his system is during a lunar eclipse. So, honestly, he has no idea if he can manage to pour a beer that's not all head, because he has no idea what that even means. Derek's pretty sure he can learn though. ]

I'm sure I can figure it out. And if not, doesn't a bar need security? Bouncers or whatever you call them? I know I can do that, worst case scenario.
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[ Derek grins a little at the question. He might not win fights against other werewolves terribly often, but the average man? ]

Yeah. You could say that. When do I start?

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video reply | un: elsa

A whole month of half price drinks? Bit long for a special.
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Nice. [ a+ plan, partner. ]

I'm around to help if you need it. [ in case that wasn't obvious already. ]
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Someone to kick your ass at darts, you mean.

[ leonard? competitive? noooo. ]

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text: UN: Control

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Is that because the drinks are so bad that you should be put in jail over them?
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Yes, actually. Some people use it as something to socialize over. Some people actually enjoy the taste.

Well, the taste of good alcohol, at least. And good beer.
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So all your friends like bad alcohol? Or are criminals?

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You're Mick Rory, right? AKA Heat Wave?
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De-- [ oh wait...] Patty Spivot, formally of Central City PD.
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[ She tries to school her features at his question but there's a flicker he might notice.]

We used to work together, yes.
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