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2nd-Sep-2017 06:09 am - text 001
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anonymous post

anyone know where to find flame retardant sheets? asking for a friend.
28th-Aug-2017 12:16 pm - 001. anonymous text.
advena: (2-03 032)
wanted: one sparring partner.
i need someone who can keep up with me, and who won't be knocked unconscious by a single punch.
preferably someone who can heal without visiting a hospital.

( way to sound like a potential serial killer, kara. )

i will pay you.
i'll be at sucker punch tomorrow, 12:00 PM.
please don't be late.
25th-Aug-2017 12:29 pm - text | un: vaquero
quinientos: (smoke em)
how do you switch this thing to spanish?

[Nothing should be said about the embarrassing amount of time it's taken him to type up that message, but suffice to say, meals could be had (with dessert), flowers might wilt, and mayflys inched stoically to death. Maybe it's an exaggeration, but it doesn't really feel that much of one to him]
25th-Aug-2017 01:47 pm - 001. Text. un: driver
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Bored? Stressed? Are you thinking of better places to be? Of potential shenanigans? Imagine it's happening. Imagine all you have to do is find out where, and when, you can let your hair down. Maybe there are clues, here and there, about what to expect. Think about it. If you're struggling, I promise I'll help you out. Go on, go on. Clock is ticking.
7th-Aug-2017 12:16 am - tags.
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the generic "this is where tags are enabled" post. pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
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