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Voice Post

I probably should have done this earlier, but hi I'm Claire. I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone.

I've met a few people so far, but not a lot. So if you want to say hey, and tell me a little about yourselves. Maybe we can all learn about each other.

[Claire's a bit nervous about all of this, and it is pretty obvious in her voice, but she's trying to be confident.]

I'm from Texas and I used to be a cheerleader. I was going to college before I got here, but I kinda...missed a lot.

[Now she sounds a bit sheepish and disappointed.]

I had a lot going on.
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[ Ferdi's German accent is rather thick in his message. ]

Hello Claire. My name is Ferdi and I am from Germany. What would you have been going to college for even if you missed a lot?

[ He comes from a time where most women still didn't go to college. ]
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It wasn't strange to go without knowing what you were going for?
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I see. That is very different from what I knew.
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Do you still not know what you would like?
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...can I ask what stopped you from going to uni?

[Kieren was stopped from going, as well, but he doubts it was for the same reasons.]
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Sorry, didn't mean to pry.

[Seems she didn't want to talk about it.]
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You became a carnie?

[Is that what americans call them? But--]

I don't know; I just arrived. Don't know if the credits would transfer back to your home, anyways.
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I've found that sometimes the people who are like you on the surface don't...mesh well, always.

You end up wanting different things.

[The second rising, not wanting to start a war with humans. You know. Differences.]
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Oh, then what should I tell you?

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Hi Claire.

[ It's not often that Felicity sees posts like this online, especially back home — unless they were locked inside of some kind of private forum or something. But the girl seems nice, and she wants to meet more people, so why not respond? ]

Same here, honestly. [ She admits, setting her phone down on the coffee table before she slips down to sit on the floor. ]

I finished college a couple of years back. What school were you at?

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Is that in-state?

[ She isn't super familiar with Texas, and since they're on voice, she goes to work typing on her phone to do a search. They do have Google, or something to similar to it here right? ]

I went to college in Massachusetts. But now you're making me feel old. I graduated ... god. Three years ago.
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[ A small chuckle. ] Got it. So why'd you end up missing so much of freshmen year?

Well ... thank you. I guess. I mean I'm not that old. Just older.
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Did you? Find yourself.

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