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If anyone's free, I could use some company on the beach this afternoon.

( He doesn't actually want to enjoy the beach. It's an attempt to further explore and expand on the growing archive he's making on the city and its current residents. Might as well add on some sort of attempt at intimacy or good deeds while he's at it. )
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( it's really too bad for bruce, because kara does want to explore the beach. and also because the other bruce wayne is like, clark's pessimistic pen pal buddy. he's practically her grumpy uncle. so this bruce wayne? probably also a grumpy uncle figure, even if she doesn't know it yet. )

the beach sounds great!
i could definitely use some time in the sun :)
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i'm free all afternoon!

( she may already be in the process of changing into her swimsuit. )

i wonder if there's a firepit at the beach here
it would be really fun to have a bonfire
we could make s'mores!
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pretty fast :)
i bet a whole bag of marshmallows i can beat you there

( unless he's cheating. which he might be. )
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hold up
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make sure you wear sunscreen
wouldn't want you to burn the first time you see daylight

[don't lie. you love him really, bruce]
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i don't get physical on a first date
what kind of a person do you think i am??
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in case you've forgotten
so your complaints mean nothing!!
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then i guess i'll just have to remind you
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I've never actually been to a beach. Well--not a beach like this.
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The british kind. Cold.

[He never made it to Eudio's beach.]
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Well they have the sand and ocean parts of a beach, so I think they are technically beaches---but you are right, they are miserable.

Is there any reason you want to go to this beach? Or just to enjoy it?
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I would like that very much, thank you.

[Luckily Kieren is very used to those!]
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I didn't think your complexion was beach-ready.
Or is it just another distraction
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Didn't I tell you?
I'm done writing puff pieces.
[And the only thing worth reporting on the public identity of one B. Wayne is... well, puff.]
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I haven't had any better offers today.
What time should we meet? I'll bring you a parasol.