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8th-Sep-2017 11:20 pm - text ; anonymous
assailed: (pic#11508209)
[ Gathering information will help him in the long run. Especially knowing what sort of darkness or magic is swirling about in this place. Eudio was vastly different. No tolerance for certain things. This place seems to be a bit different. Still the same consequences if one were to step out of line, but a different sort of reaction you could say. Easier to hide in the nooks and the crannies about. ]

I've a question for the wonderful citizens of this cuddly city? What sort of familiarity do you have with magic? Light and dark. Good or bad. I'm curious as to what you lot know?

[ If they know about the Dark One and his weakness. He'd prefer to keep that bit under wraps. Excalibur isn't here and he'd rather it stay away. He's here to cut himself away from the bloody sword. ]
2nd-Sep-2017 07:58 am - 001 — un: spicechampion
scovilles: ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴛᴀᴋᴇ (199)
( dear cadelle: please explain to her why it's appropriate to advertise your city as a "wish come true" when you're going to require employment just to avoid living like a damn intern. consider her especially Not Pleased about this recent turn of events. )

what the hell is this hokey job fair bullshit?
I'm pretty sure I signed up for a vacation, not post-college retail hell all over again

( LONG SUFFERING SIGHS. can someone please pay her to do nothing? )
25th-Aug-2017 01:47 pm - 001. Text. un: driver
killertrack: (Default)
Bored? Stressed? Are you thinking of better places to be? Of potential shenanigans? Imagine it's happening. Imagine all you have to do is find out where, and when, you can let your hair down. Maybe there are clues, here and there, about what to expect. Think about it. If you're struggling, I promise I'll help you out. Go on, go on. Clock is ticking.
17th-Aug-2017 06:43 pm - [ text ] un: yourfriend
ferdi: (pic#10912269)

My name is Ferdi and I am still growing accustomed to this new technology that I have been introduced to here. It's also giving my English some real practice, I suppose.

I was wanting to inquire if there was anyone else like me -- that perhaps feels out of time?

I would also like to inquire if there is anyone who speaks German. I must admit that I am missing being able to speak my first language.

Thank you for your time.
11th-Aug-2017 10:02 pm - 001. video; un: hero.
sanator: (Default)
[Cut to an open video feed which shows the living area of an apartment in one of Cadelle's residential buildings. At first there's no-one to be seen, however there is something to be heard- the obnoxiously loud and catchy tune of a particular song. Within a couple of moments young Thom Creed can be seen in a pair of briefs, white socks and a casual t-shirt a la Risky Business.

The average ordinary gay teen superhero has a broom in one hand which is being used in equal parts to sweep the floor of his apartment and also as a microphone. With Thom himself lip syncing along, not a care in the world as he throws his body around the apartment in the closest approximation you might find to dancing for a boy who'd never so much as been in a club before.

Thom was lucky to get the song to play, as inept as he was on a technological level. He was not lucky though if you considered the fact he'd managed to set the video feed to broadcast in the process, showing the entirety of Cadelle his tighty-whities and his impressive entertaining skillset.
7th-Aug-2017 12:16 am - tags.
cuddlemods: (Default)

the generic "this is where tags are enabled" post. pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
4th-Aug-2017 05:08 pm - video 001 (open)
kelvins: (788584_100)

un: burninate

[fade into a middle aged bald man, sporting a very serious face as he pours himself a healthy double of whiskey over ice. behind him is a healthy assortment of bottles of all shapes and sizes, various shades ranging from clear to amber to dark almost black.

he takes a deliberate swill before clearing his throat. this little display? mick rory coming to you live from criminales.]

Name's Mick. I figure since the city was nice enough to let me have this bar, the least I could do was let all of you have something nice too.

So for the next month, we've got half price drinks at CriminALES. Don't get used to it though.

Oh and if you're looking for a job, I could use a hand. Benefits include a paycheck. You still have to pay for your drinks and no you can't have 'em on the clock.
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