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18th-Oct-2017 01:18 am - text, un: eugene
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What do you do when you have bad dreams? Is there anything that helps you not have them or to get them out of your head when you do?
10th-Oct-2017 09:31 pm - video | un: hawk
wingedpriestess: (Default)
Hey Cadelle.

[ Look who got all fancy and is doing this video from the teaching kitchen of the Chop Shop... Makeshift tri-pod and all. ]

I figured there was no time like the present to introduce myself. I'm Kendra Saunders and I'm currently working at The Chop Shop as a Culinary Instructor. I can teach anything from boiling water to making a seven course meal to woo that special person in your life. I'm offering group and private lessons... And I'm even offering a volunteering special.

The Samhain Ball is coming up, as we've been told. I was hoping to help cook some of the food offered there. And I might need help from some people. So think of this as a complimentary crash course in the world of appetizers and finger foods.
26th-Sep-2017 05:45 pm - [ Text ] un: Eugene
pureed: (pic#11469964)
Is there anyone that knows how to make a good smoothie or otherwise food of that consistency?

If so, would you be willing to teach me?
8th-Sep-2017 11:20 pm - text ; anonymous
assailed: (pic#11508209)
[ Gathering information will help him in the long run. Especially knowing what sort of darkness or magic is swirling about in this place. Eudio was vastly different. No tolerance for certain things. This place seems to be a bit different. Still the same consequences if one were to step out of line, but a different sort of reaction you could say. Easier to hide in the nooks and the crannies about. ]

I've a question for the wonderful citizens of this cuddly city? What sort of familiarity do you have with magic? Light and dark. Good or bad. I'm curious as to what you lot know?

[ If they know about the Dark One and his weakness. He'd prefer to keep that bit under wraps. Excalibur isn't here and he'd rather it stay away. He's here to cut himself away from the bloody sword. ]
7th-Aug-2017 12:16 am - tags.
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the generic "this is where tags are enabled" post. pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
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