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1st-Oct-2017 08:36 pm - VIDEO ╎ username: canary.
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( when the feed turns on, there's a smirky-looking blonde, front-facing camera showing her selfie-style, waiting to greet her viewers; such a public broadcast isn't quite sara lance's speed (being a sneaky former assassin will do that to a person), but she's got the type of charisma that allows her to ease into a natural confidence without so much as batting an eyelash. )

Hey, Cadelle. I'm Sara Lance, a volunteer citizen here just like I'm sure a bunch of you are. And, just like I know a few of you are, I was previously a citizen of a city known for generating energy through a lot less charitable actions. ( a beat, and her teeth tug at her lower lip to dissuade a devious grin. ) Alright, maybe they could be considered charitable, depending on who you ask.

— But anyway! I decided that because I was given the opportunity to live here, I may as well do my part and try to acclimate to this city's culture. That's how I discovered The Women's Building. I can almost promise that you've seen it, but never stopped to find out what it is. Don't worry — Sara Lance saves the day yet again.

( she holds her cuddlephone out in front of her to show the massive building behind her (she's standing across the street from it to show the whole thing, covered in beautiful murals; wait, nope, she taps her screen and flips the camera around, turns so she can actually show how gorgeous the building is, uninterrupted by her face. alright, time to flip the camera back to selfie-mode, her grin wide and carefree. )

Gorgeous, right? I can promise you that the inside's just as beautiful, too — as are the huge number of volunteers that devote their time to the center. That's where people like you and me come in. The Women's Building is looking for more volunteers, to help out in any way possible in exchange for a small weekly stipend, or just to further your energy contributions to the city. It's the best of both worlds: helping yourself by helping out other badass ladies.

The Women's Building offers a bunch of services, including tech tutoring for those of you either way behind or way ahead of our current technology, wellness courses like weekly yoga and nutrition classes to help you feel better every day, dance classes, meditation, and a variety of teachers to help you learn new skills, much like what was offered at the citywide "Employment Extravaganza". ( there's a lifted hand to show off some glorious air quotes at that. ) Hell, you want some legal advice for when you're back in your world? They've got attorneys on hand for you to talk to, and they're always looking for more. Learn about managing your finances, taxes, get some assistance with the whole job thing ... You name it, they've got it.

I've volunteered as a self-defense instructor down at The Women's Building, with private classes happening as requested. I'm more than qualified — but you don't have to take my word for it. We can certainly do a demo before your class and you'll see what I mean. ( does she look a little mischievous? she looks a little mischievous.

but sara does sober a little so she can finish up this message that's suddenly becoming longwinded as hell: )
So, women of Cadelle: join me! Come volunteer. Teach a class! Drop me a text here and we can schedule a one-on-one self-defense class, or tell me about what you'd like to contribute to the organization; I know they're really looking forward to having people from other worlds step in with some more out of the ordinary skills. Hell, we can just shoot the shit and talk about whatever you want — I'm a pretty good listener, and I've probably been in your shoes before.

Seeya around, Cadelle.
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