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18th-Oct-2017 01:18 am - text, un: eugene
pureed: (pic#11469966)
What do you do when you have bad dreams? Is there anything that helps you not have them or to get them out of your head when you do?
17th-Oct-2017 03:01 pm - text, un: yourfriend
ferdi: (pic#10912331)
Modern dancing and music is still quite different from what I'm used to.

Is there anyone that is proficient enough to teach me?

[ He likes the party and club scenes even if they are much different from his own time but he knows he sticks out like a sore thumb when he's there! ]
14th-Oct-2017 08:52 pm - 1. TEXT ➳ UN: ALIGHT
risers: (pic#11754989)
[ it comes in the middle of the night: ]

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

[ though he could easily write a post to engage with the network at large, doing that is too simple. alec isn't too interested in placing more of his personal information online for anyone to find — privacy is key, and being in the shadows is literally what he does best. ]

[ in other words: alec's bored but doesn't want to be clary levels of social. ]
12th-Oct-2017 03:26 am - text, un: trenton
inshallah: (pic#10799420)
I haven't been doing very well at being social since I came here. It's admittedly no one's fault but my own. I've always been the quiet sort, studious and the like. I focused very much on school before ...

Well, I was part of a hacker group that caused a lot of trouble. But even then, it was a different sort of situation to be in.

I guess, I'm going the long way to ask a very simple thing.

Would anyone want to go to coffee or something? I would like to get to know more people better.
4th-Oct-2017 01:13 pm - video | un: vaquero
quinientos: (column of neck)
[It's very sad how proud he is that he's figured out his little phone, but that's just one part of modern society that he's got down pat. The other is one that's long overdue, because his shirt is still blood-stained, starting to tear at the seams, and no matter how he tries to save it, it's no use.]

Hello anyone who's listening. I have a little problem that could use solving and I have just enough money to make it worth someone's while. Maybe you can see, but I don't exactly have very nice clothes for these days, hoping that someone could take pity and show me what it is people wear.

[Normal people, not the kind who he's seen around.]

There's some cash in it for you. Maybe a good drink? Whatever you find best, but it only happens after you help me.
8th-Sep-2017 11:20 pm - text ; anonymous
assailed: (pic#11508209)
[ Gathering information will help him in the long run. Especially knowing what sort of darkness or magic is swirling about in this place. Eudio was vastly different. No tolerance for certain things. This place seems to be a bit different. Still the same consequences if one were to step out of line, but a different sort of reaction you could say. Easier to hide in the nooks and the crannies about. ]

I've a question for the wonderful citizens of this cuddly city? What sort of familiarity do you have with magic? Light and dark. Good or bad. I'm curious as to what you lot know?

[ If they know about the Dark One and his weakness. He'd prefer to keep that bit under wraps. Excalibur isn't here and he'd rather it stay away. He's here to cut himself away from the bloody sword. ]
8th-Sep-2017 01:18 pm - text; un: j.andrews99
bikinimail: (05)
[ If the username looks like something a white bread, middle american teenager would come up with, then that's probably because it is something a white bread, middle american teenager came up with. But what she has to say isn't white bread or middle american in the slightest. ]

can anyone here do magic? if so, are you willing to teach how it works?

[ This place feels way more like home than it feels like Iorden, but it's still kind of crazy out there, so she figures it's worth asking. She doesn't know whether the magic she learned in Iorden would even work here, or back home for that matter. Maybe it requires a connection to Sellbaryn, like Nia said. Jen hasn't tried it yet, but her mind is always curious. Always looking for more information, even if she plays the part of the dumb blonde. ]

I can do a little elemental magic already, if that helps.
2nd-Sep-2017 07:58 am - 001 — un: spicechampion
scovilles: ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴛᴀᴋᴇ (199)
( dear cadelle: please explain to her why it's appropriate to advertise your city as a "wish come true" when you're going to require employment just to avoid living like a damn intern. consider her especially Not Pleased about this recent turn of events. )

what the hell is this hokey job fair bullshit?
I'm pretty sure I signed up for a vacation, not post-college retail hell all over again

( LONG SUFFERING SIGHS. can someone please pay her to do nothing? )
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username: didnot.

1. Who's moved?
2. Anyone here play sports?

( Because why give any context or explanation to the questions you ask to the network at large, right? )
31st-Aug-2017 07:24 pm - 001. text; un: buffy
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Okay, so, I just have to check something. Like, really check it. Because if this is real then hey -- totally on board and yay retirement! If not, someone just needs to burst my bubble now.

Is there really no graveyard? I don't want to know for morbid reasons. Totally professional ones. But, like, there isn't, right?
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