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novacaine: (- ALL MY LOVE)
alright okay hey cadelle
guess this is as good a time as any to make an actual ""fresh start"" in this place or something like that
who wants to learn how to play guitar?
i literally have no real qualifications
i have no idea if i'd be a good teacher
but i'm pretty good and i'm self-taught so fuck it it's worth a shot
idk how this shit works really so all i ask is a little bit of $$$ in exchange for my goods n services etc. or just buy me a drink somewhere after and we'll be even
thx dudes (and dudettes)

p.s. not to like, continue abusing this thing as a cheapass version of a classifieds section but
is there anyone here who's good at dyeing hair?
my blue's looking a little weak and with the fancy schmancy shindig coming up i wanna look
or maybe just decent
11th-Aug-2017 10:02 pm - 001. video; un: hero.
sanator: (Default)
[Cut to an open video feed which shows the living area of an apartment in one of Cadelle's residential buildings. At first there's no-one to be seen, however there is something to be heard- the obnoxiously loud and catchy tune of a particular song. Within a couple of moments young Thom Creed can be seen in a pair of briefs, white socks and a casual t-shirt a la Risky Business.

The average ordinary gay teen superhero has a broom in one hand which is being used in equal parts to sweep the floor of his apartment and also as a microphone. With Thom himself lip syncing along, not a care in the world as he throws his body around the apartment in the closest approximation you might find to dancing for a boy who'd never so much as been in a club before.

Thom was lucky to get the song to play, as inept as he was on a technological level. He was not lucky though if you considered the fact he'd managed to set the video feed to broadcast in the process, showing the entirety of Cadelle his tighty-whities and his impressive entertaining skillset.
7th-Aug-2017 12:16 am - tags.
cuddlemods: (Default)

the generic "this is where tags are enabled" post. pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
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